Ideas for Mothers Day

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Stuck for Ideas for Mothers Day?

This year, Mothers Day is on the 26th March, and although it feels like ages away, time is going so fast – it will be here soon!! We have thought really carefully about the products we launch this year, as we want to make sure there is something for everyone.. We thought we would give you all a few ideas of what to do with your cakes, and how to surprise your mum and make sure she has the best day ever, as all Mums deserve a treat!!

Idea 1 – Afternoon Tea

We have found that lots of you still love our cupcakes, so why not buy a box and surprise your Mum with an afternoon tea? You could make mini sandwiches, dig out a tea pot and some cups and saucers, maybe find some pretty napkins which are hiding in a cupboard!? And enjoy them all with our yummy cupcakes! We have made two cupcake selections this year, including a Vanilla and Chocolate box with Sunflowers, or a Pink Strawberry box with Roses, and strawberry jam in the centre. This means there are choices for chocolate lovers, vanilla lovers and the jam filling tastes a bit like a victoria sponge, which I know a lot of mums are a fan of! Get a bunch of daffodils to put on the table, and sit round the enjoy while you have a good old catch up.

Idea 2 – Make your own Cupcakes!

This year we have introduced a new set, which includes everything you need to bake and decorate your own cupcakes! Why don’t you give it to your mum as her present, and spend the morning in the kitchen, chatting while you bake. Pick your best ones and put them in the presentation box, cos you’re meeting your Nan for tea and cake at 4pm! Tell her all about your cupcake adventure from the morning, and get her to try some of your amazing creations!

Idea 3 – Cupakes and Fizz

Your mum loves Prosecco did I hear you say? Well why not treat her to a bottle of Fizz, and a Bouquet of cupcakes to go with it? Who doesn’t love fizz and cake? Make a little display on the table when she comes in of flowers, cupcakes and a bottle or two, and see her smile when you tell her the evening is for catching up. Chat until the world is put to rights, then chill out in front of a film and enjoy your cupcakes. What every girl needs!

Idea 4 – Lunch with the Fam

Invite everyone round, and enjoy a yummy lunch with all the ones you love. Invite all the mums and nans in the famiy (from all the generations), and have a cupcake made for each of them! Let us know what each of your kids calls each family member, and we can write it on a cupcake so they can be proud to give them out! Make a simple buffet for lunch, and have the cupcakes for pud. Perfect!

Idea 5 – Chocolate and Pampering

Is your Mum one of those people who never stops? Does she deserve a bit of Me-Time but never gets a second to herself? How about buying her a new pot of nail polish, a face pack and a jar of bubble bath, and let her take the evening off? She can paint her nails, watch Netflix in the bath surrounded by bubbles, and do her facepack whilst listening to her favourite songs. And the perfect end to that romantic evening – a chocolate brownie covered in her favourite choccies, which she can devour with a spoon in peace! There really is nothing like feeling pampered, especially for someone who always puts everyone else first..

So what do you think? Have you got a few ideas now? Whatever you choose to do this Mothers Day, make sure you mum is treated like royalty, as that is the least she deserves!

See our Mothers Day options on our page, and order in advance to avoid disappointment!

Mothers Day

Love from the GlamoRose Cakes xxx

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