Fathers Day 2018

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Who finds Dads impossible to buy for? Mums are easy right.. just a bunch of flowers and some smellies for the bathroom.. but what do you buy a Dad who has all the gadgets?

Sweet treats of course!

Why don’t you plan to spend the afternoon with him – taking the dog for a walk, or get a few beers in and get the BBQ up and running, then surprise him with a sweet surprise for afters!? What more could he ask for than to spend it with you!?

This year we have two different options to choose from :

The cupcakes will come in two varieties : Vanilla Cookie Monsters, as well as a Chocolate Box, so you can choose what you think their favourite flavour would be! You can then also choose a message to go on top from our selection, to make it that bit more personalised. Each box is £10 each.

The tiffins are a 6″ round base, with different flavoured fillings, covered in chocolate then decorated in lots of chocolate bars and biscuits – yum! We have a variety of flavours and toppings you can choose from, as well as the personalised message on top. These are £8.50 each and come in a little box with a window so are perfect as a gift.