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Here are the prices for our cupcakes! Normally, people choose from either a selection of flavours, or something more personalised : we can print edible photos, write messages, add flowers, do company logos or pipe the cupcakes as roses. These prices are for vanilla or chocolate sponge, and you are welcome to add fillings too if desired. If you want to see our cupcake flavours, click here to view our Menu.

If you are looking for something more personalised or a larger order, the basic details we need to know are the number of cakes required, the coloured cupcake cases, cake flavours, coloured buttercream and design on top. Most people choose to have a couple of coloured cupcake cases, and a flavour for each colour so the guests know what they are choosing! You are also welcome to bring in your own cake toppers if you find some online which you like the look of, and we are happy to stick them on for free for you. If you would prefer to have a larger celebration cake, view our prices and enquire here.