At GlamoRose, we also have an events team who run markets, fairs and festivals all year round, selling yummy cupcakes, tiffin and sweet treats to lucky local customers!

  • We could have a stall at your Event..

    We have all the equipment needed to run a stall both on grass, tarmac or inside. Please email us with the details, dates and expected footfall, as well as any forms and insurance documents you need.

  • We could supply you with Cupcakes to sell at your event

    We are happy to supply you with a number of cupcakes at a discounted rate, for you to sell on for a profit at your event. We would need proof the event is happening, with a letter from the organisers. This works extremely well for charity events, or fund-raisers, as an easy way to make some extra cash. We can supply the cupcakes in any quantity you wish, and can also give you ideas and tips on setting up the stall, and packaging the cakes. We also have tiffin and traybakes we can offer a discount on too.

  • You could run your own stall at an event, with cupcakes from us

    Ever wanted to run your own company, or work for yourself and have no idea how? We have two options for you – you can either come and work for us part time, running markets and events in the local area as part of our team, or you can find markets you would like to attend yourself, and buy the cupcakes from us to do so. As long as you give out our cards, we would be happy to give you the cupcakes at a discounted rate, and have them ready for you whenever you need them. With a choice of over 25 flavours (and counting..) you can ‘wow’ your customers, have none of the mess at home, and take away all the profit! Contact Jessie for all the details.