You are invited to our Friday Cake Drop!

Welcome to our Friday Cake Drop! This is where we will be delivering trays of our yummy cakes to businesses around Swindon as a special treat on a Friday!

To apply to be part of our drop, please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! If you have already been invited to be part of the drop, it means your work-place is already on route – yay!

You have two options when ordering the cakes from us. You can either let us choose a selection for you – you can specify if you would like nuts or no nuts in your box, and we will then make a variety of our best sellers to deliver to you. Alternatively, you can choose your own cupcakes from the Pick & Mix selector : here you can choose exactly what you would like, and add them to the box yourself.

The cupcakes are delivered in boxes of 12, with a minimum order of 24 cakes. The more you order, the cheaper each cake will be. Below, the selection boxes go up to 72 cupcakes, but please let us know if you require more than that, by contacting us on 07716836552.

  • Cake Drop – Box of 24

    £36.00 Read More
  • Cake Drop Mixed Selection Box

    £36.00£100.00 Select options
  • Cake Drop – Box of 36

    £52.00 Read More
  • Cake Drop – Box of 48

    £68.00 Read More
  • Cake Drop – Box of 60

    £85.00 Read More
  • Cake Drop – Box of 72

    £100.00 Read More
  • Cake Drop Traybake Pick ‘n’ Mix 72

    £60.00 Read More
  • Cake Drop Tiffin Selection Box

    £36.00£100.00 Select options
  • Cake Drop Cupcakes & Tiffins

    £36.00£100.00 Select options

Once you have chosen your flavours…

Your order needs to be with us by Thursday at noon so we have time to get the cakes ready, and will be delivered on Friday during working hours – we will contact you with an approximate time once your order is placed. If your cakes are needed for a certain time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Once you have chosen what you would like, you will be asked to pay for your order online – please contact us if you need an invoice. 

So what are you waiting for… lets get choosing! To see all our cupcake flavour options, please see our Menu!