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Welcome to our website! Here you can see all the cakes that can be ordered in Swindon, as well as our selections that can be posted nationwide! Everything we bake is made in our specialist cake shop on the High Street in Old Town – visit us to see our selection of toppers, candles and enjoy the delicious smell of home made cakes! Click HERE to see our Menu, click HERE to enquire about a Personalised Cupcake Order, or click HERE to enquire about a Celebration Cake!

Order your Posted Valentines Traybake!

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This traybake is the solution to all your Valentine problems.. a delicious brownie, topped in lashings of chocolate, decorated with lots of chocolatey bits and a romantic message! Order yours now for only £15 plus postage and have it send directly to your loved ones’ front door. They may even share it with you if you’re lucky!! Click on the image here to order.

Cupcake Pick and Mix

Did you know that you can order a box of your favourite Cupcake flavours online? With our Cupcake Pick and Mix tool you can choose your box size, add the flavours you like to your box and check out all via our website without having to even pick up the phone! We have so many flavours to choose from, with lots of fillings and different toppings, so you will be spoiled for choice. If you would prefer to order a personalised box of cakes fill in our contact form and see our price list HERE.

Our YUMMY Selection Boxes!

We are so excited to launch our new flavour boxes! We have been collecting designs and flavour ideas for a while – and have felt like there are loads of different chocolate bars and sweets we want to experiment with, and need a valid excuse!! So here it is… The boxes can be ordered online, and cost £10 each for 6 cakes. Each box is themed around a different flavour or chocolate combination, and we have made sure there is a surprise filling in each selection! The cakes are perfect for giving to someone as a little gift, taking to a dinner party, as a Thank You to the neighbour for watering your plants, welcoming a couple in to their new home, taking to a BBQ to share with friends, giving out at a family party, adding to the table at a buffet… the options are endless!

Click HERE to see all our Selection Boxes or to enquire about a personalised Cupcake Order and see our Pricelist, click HERE.

Check out our Most Popular Cake Designs

Here are our most popular cake designs at GlamoRose Cakes, and kind of what we are becoming famous for! If you would like to enquire about any of these cakes, press HERE.

Naked Cakes

Rose Piped Cakes

Chocolate Drip

Our three most popular Celebration Cake designs are Naked Cakes, Rose Piped and Chocolate Drip!

Naked Cakes are a very basic sponge – usually vanilla – iced in such a way that some of the sponge can be seen through the buttercream. They are really simple and effective with just some silk flowers on top, and also look lovely with a sparkly topper too. These cakes are great for a more sophisticated less fussy style, or someone who isnt keen on lots of icing and buttercream with their cake!

Rose Piping is simple and elegant in its design and does not need much else to make it pop. Although we get asked to make several per week, there are so many variations that we never get bored.. you can choose the colour of the swirl, the decorations, the name and age, cake board, sprinkles, sparkly number candles for the top.. so many choices!!

Our Chocolate Drips are definitly becoming more popular – these are a vanilla or chocolate flat buttercream cake with a white or dark chocolate dripping down the sides, then the top is normally covered in layers of different chocolate bars and sweets! We often ask you to bring in your own toppings so you can have all your faves, and we can also add silk flowers or candy based sweets for a more girly design. We love adding a sparkly number candle, coloured board and glittery name to match. Definitly a good one for all the chocolate lovers out there!

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