Welcome to GlamoRose Cakes!
Swindon’s one and only Cupcake Shop!

Welcome to our website! Here you can see all the cakes that can be ordered in Swindon, as well as our selections that can be posted nationwide! Everything we bake is made in our specialist cake shop on the High Street in Old Town – visit us to see our selection of toppers, candles and enjoy the delicious smell of home made cakes!

Fathers Day 2018

We are so excited to launch our Fathers Day products! Dads and Grandads are so hard to buy for, so why not give them their favourite yummy treats to tell them how much you love them?  This year we are offering our yummy cupcakes, but also mini versions of our Tiffins!

The cupcakes will come in two varieties : Vanilla Cookie Monsters, as well as a Chocolate Box, so you can choose what you think their favourite flavour would be! You can then also choose a message to go on top from our selection, to make it that bit more personalised.

The tiffins are a 6″ round base, with different flavoured fillings, covered in chocolate then decorated in lots of chocolate bars and biscuits – yum! We have a variety of flavours and toppings you can choose from, as well as the personalised message on top. Order yours through our website for collection on Friday 15th or Saturday 16th June – see all the options here.

Our Naked Cakes…

Naked cakes seem to be the new craze in the cupcake shop! The basic idea is that they are a multi-layered traditional sponge cake, filled with scrummy buttercream and jam, and decorated very simply with a thin layer of buttercream scraped over the surface. The buttercream is just enough to cover the sides of the cake to keep the sponge moist, whilst also keeping that lovely golden cake colour coming through, giving a rustic and home-made finish. Most of our naked cakes are decorated with the customers’ choice of flowers and toppers, which they bring in to us to create the desired look – this can be anything from laser cut toppers, diamonte numbers, fruit or silk flowers. If you have a design you like, feel free to send us a photo and we will do our best to replicate it for you!

NEW Cupcake Flavours…

We have been wanting to create some new cupcake flavours for ages! So here are our creations.. we like to base our flavours on tastes that we expect you all know and love, and design them to look as yummy as possible to get your taste buds whirring!

Peanut M&M – a vanilla sponge, filled with peanut butter and topped with chocolate buttercream and three of the famous Peanut M&Ms!

Chocolate Mint Oreo – our delicious rich chocolate cake, topped in mint buttercream, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and half a Mint Oreo Biscuit!

Rolo Cupcake – after the success of our Rolo Tiffin, we decided to make it into cupcake form too! Our rich chocolatey sponge is filled with salted caramel, then topped with chocolate buttercream and a Rolo! Our flavours are not always available every day of the week in the shop, so drop us a text if you are wanting to try some – 07716836552. See you there!