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Order our Favourite Cakes Online!

We have now made it even easier to order your cakes with us.. we have taken our most popular cakes and cupcake designs and made them available to order from our website! View all of our funky designs, and personalise the larger cakes with a name and age. This section includes themed designs such as: unicorn, leopard print, flamingo, naked cakes, drip cakes, and our famous rose piped cakes. These can all be made with as little as one weeks notice so click on the photo to see what we have!

Cupcake Pick and Mix

Did you know that you can order a box of your favourite Cupcake flavours online? With our Cupcake Pick and Mix tool you can choose your box size, add the flavours you like to your box and check out all via our website without having to even pick up the phone! We have so many flavours to choose from, with lots of fillings and different toppings, so you will be spoiled for choice. If you would prefer to order a personalised box of cakes fill in our contact form and see our price list HERE.

You can now order Flavour Cakes Online!

After a lot of requests, we have now turned some of our most popular Cupcake Flavours in to larger cakes! Both the sponge, filling and toppings reflect the flavour, just as the cake, filling and decoration does on the cupcake. Choose from Jammie Dodger, Chocolate Oreo, Lemon Meringue, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Hazelnut Kinder, Pink Strawberry or Peannut Butter. These are now available to order online for Friday or Saturday collection – if you need the cake for a different day please contact us and we can organise this for you.

Check out our Drip Cakes

Drip cakes are our favourite cake to make! The sponge can be vanilla or chocolate, and covered in a vanilla, chocolate or coloured buttercream. The drip can be done in white or milk chocolate, and the toppings can be anything you like. We have done lots of all chocolate toppings – you can either bring these in to us or you can pay extra and we will supply them for you. We have also started adding toppers recently – such as animal figures, unicorns or silk flowers. The possibilities are endless so contact us for options and ideas! Prices start from £45.

See our ever-popular Rose Piped Cakes

Our rose piped cakes are our classic design. The sponge can be vanilla or chocolate, and the whole cake is piped in buttercream with a rose design. The buttercream can be vanilla, chocolate or the colour of your choosing. The cake can be left plain, or can be decorated with extra toppers or shapes, such as stars, hearts, flowers or butterflies. For an extra charge, an extra layer can be added to the cake for height, and the buttercream can be ombre which means the colours fade in to each other as they go up the side of the cake. You can also add coloured number candles, and match the colours to the cake board with a sparkly name or message.

Flower Piped Cakes

Our flower piped cakes are one of our specialties. They are similar to our buttercream rose cakes, but here we use multiple colours and flowers to get a different effect. You can choose up to four colours which are piped on to the cake, and then flowers made of fondant are added on for extra texture, including roses, daisies and smaller flowers. A name and age can be added on the board, which will be coloured to match your chosen buttercream colours. These cakes can look both modern with bright tones and classic with pastel shades, so great for all ages.

Cakes for Baby Showers and Christenings

We get asked to make an ever increasing number of cakes for baby showers and Christenings! We can either offer a large cake of a selection of cupcakes. Small cakes are generally decorated in pink of blue depending if its a boy or girl, and we have toppers available in the shop which can be purchased and added on top. For cupcakes we can either make cute baby toppers or just keep them simple with plain piping in pink or blue. We also offer gender reveal cupcakes where there is a buttercream centre in either pink or blue!

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are a new thing – the idea is that the cake is left fairly plain with very little icing. Most often, we decorate them with silk flowers or sparkly word toppers, and can also add an extra layer on to the cake for a small charge if you wanted it to be taller.  You are welcome to bring in your own toppers and we will decorate the cake for you, or we do have some toppers and silk flowers in store which you can choose from! We also sometimes pipe a row of rose piping around the base. You can pick your coloured board, and we can add a sparkly name and age if required. These cakes start from £40 plus the cost of decoration.

Cakes for Boys and Men!

Men and Boys are so hard to make cakes for – our customers always struggle with ideas! So here are a few for you.. We have a selection of mens toppers in the shop, including a gardener, cricketer, handy man and footballer, as well as football boots and mini footballs for a sports cake. We can edible print images – this could be a photo, logo or picture of his favourite car / train / dog! We can also offer traybakes if he loves chocolate, or our chocoalte drip cakes are a good one if he has some favourite chocolates. And if its last minute we can always do a box of our cupcakes and include some Cookie Monsters in there too! If you have any ideas pop into the shop and discuss them with us, and we will do our best to help!