Cupcake Decorating Parties

Have your children ever wanted to learn how to decorate cupcakes? Have you tried with them at home but ever quite got it right? Here is their chance to learn – a Cupcake Party at GlamoRose!

You will be invited into the back of the shop, where the cupcake fairies spend all of their days making yummy treats… We have a specialist kitchen, designed specifically for cake making. This will be where the magic of your decorating party takes place..

The table will be covered in sprinkles, sweets and sparkles. You will be given lessons on how to use a piping bag like a professional, and a chance to practice before you start decorating your cupcakes. Each child will be given a box of six to turn into mini masterpieces, and hints and tips on how to get creative with the decoration. There is a minimum of six guests per party, or eight if you want food too.

The best thing about Cupcake Decorating Parties is that there is no need for a birthday cake, party bag, or entertainment for the children! All these things are taken care of with their box of six to take home, so you can rest happy knowing they are having a great time.

Each decorating party lasts a minimum of an hour, or you can also add in lessons on how to roll and cut out fondant shapes too, which adds an extra half an hour. There is a minimum number of six guests, and we can accommodate up to twelve. All you need to do is work out how many friends you want to be invited, book your party, and turn up on time! The perfect age is 6 to 8 for parties with sweets, or 9 to 13 for rolling fondant.

You can also have a tea party afterwards if you like – this includes a selection of sandwiches, nibbles, crisps and sweet treats as well as squash, all served out of vintage china! This adds an extra half an hour onto the length of the party, and must be for a minimum of 8 guests – we normally close the whole shop for this, so please try to book in advance.

We suggest kids wear easily-washable clothing – as buttercream has been known to be slightly messy, and hair tied up to prevent it getting in the cakes! We do have aprons available to keep mess to a minimum.

Sweetie Party – £15 each (minimum of 6)
Fondant Party – £20 each (minimum of 6)
Extra Tea Party – extra £6 each (minimum of 8)

See the images below for details and Menus!