Our Menu

Our Menu has been developed and added to for the four years we have been open. New experiments, random ideas, and lots of testing has gone in to developing each recipe for you to enjoy. Each flavour has a keen purpose, and we can’t seem to get rid of any as everyone has a favourite!

Vanilla flake is perfect for those who like it plain, pink strawberry is for the little girls, chocolate fudge for the chocaholics, Cookie Monsters for those re-living their childhoods.. I love how cupcakes bring the child out in us all!

People always ask if we have a most popular.. and the answer is no, but there are definitely some favourites : there a few things we have learned through our cupcake making journey, which definitely affects our everyday baking decisions.. Firstly to make sure that there is always Raspberry white chocolate in stock – this is the only flavour customers have generally got upset about if we don’t have any on the shelf, so we end up spending the next 10 minutes frantically trying to find one! Secondly, the fondness the British general public have for both Peanut butter and Nutella, or even both! And also I love that you can have a regular customer who comes in every week for a salted caramel, and then you can invent a chocolate mint and they can be converted!

We are looking to create some new ‘RANGES’ this summer, with different selection boxes of funky flavours for you all to try – keep your eyes peeled on our Monthly Specials Page!

Vanilla Flake

Pink Strawberry

Purple Raspberry

Cookie Monster

Lemon Meringue

Jammy Dodger

Raspberry White


Jaffa Cake

Ferrero Rocher

Cookie Dough


Chocolate Fudge




Chocolate Mint