Mothers Day 2018

Mothers Day this year is on the 11th March, which is coming round fast! We have designed a range of products this year, so you can choose the yummy gift you give your mum based on exactly what she likes! Everything we make is hand-made in our shop, and you can order your treats to collect either on Friday 9th or Saturday 10th March. Please let us know what you would like to order in advance, via either facebook, text, call or send us a message on our contact form below! We may have a few spares on the day, but ordering in advance ensures you have exactly what you need, ready exactly when you need it. So give us a call, and don’t let your mum miss out on some GlamoRose Cakes for Mothers Day!

Box of 6 Cupcakes – £10

Our famous cupcakes are hand-baked and decorated with hand-made decorations, all produced lovingly onsite! This year, we have decided to go with pretty spring colours to brighten up this cold weather! Each box is topped with a mixture of pink strawberry, yellow and vanilla buttercream, and decorated with cerise pink decorations. You are free to choose your own message on top of the middle cake – whether the box is for your mum, nan, granny, grandma or step mum, let us know what you would like written and we will put it on top for you. Each box is £10, and can be collected until Saturday 10th at 4pm. We can also make all our cakes with gluten free flour, or vegan, so ask us when you order if you have any special dietary requirements.

Cupcake Bouquets – £20

Our Cupcake Bouquets are back! We love these beautiful bouquets – how can you enjoy a bunch of flowers more than when you get to eat them!? Our designs this year match our spring colour theme – yellows, pinks, creams and cerise. We can do a message on the middle cake if desired, or we can leave it plain if you just want it to look like flowers! All the bouquets are collected fully assembled, and contain seven cupcakes, which fit perfectly in the top and finished off with a bow. They are given to you in a box, but you must carry them carefully home, so make sure you are prepared for this before you collect. We need prior notice before you collect from the shop, so please book yours in to avoid disappointment!

Cupcake Display – £13.50

This is a new one for 2018! We thought about the bouquet and how beautiful it looks with all the cupcakes, but how the base of it is so expensive that it puts the price of the cakes right up! So the idea of the Cupcake Display is that its a smaller version! The cupcakes can still be handed to Mum on one platter, but the board is much cheaper to source than the bouquet stands. So at £13.50, you still get seven cupcakes, all prettily decorated, and you can even choose the message on the middle cake! The display will be given to you on a 8″ cake board, with the cupcakes stuck to it using buttercream, and it will all come packaged in a 8″ square box! Again these will be available to purchase on Friday or Saturday, but order early as only have limited stock of these cake boards!